Learn About Jesus in the Scriptures

Today we talked about the difference that Jesus makes and one of the takeaway applications was for us to learn more about who Christ is from the scriptures.

Here are a few bible reading plans that you can start.  Don't forget that the scriptures was intended to be studied and learned in the context of community so invite someone who loves and follows Jesus to join you!

Is Jesus Something More? (7 Day Plan)

One man’s life changed the course of history for billions across the globe. Who is this man and what difference does it make? This seven-day devotional explores the life of Jesus Christ and explains why understanding his identity is central to understanding yours. This discipleship tool will enable you to better understand and articulate your faith in Jesus and equip you to walk non-believers through a clear gospel message.

This weeklong devotional features Dr. Ravi Zacharias' reflections on the Gospel of John from his book, "Jesus Among the Other Gods." Dr. Zacharias leads readers to think about who Jesus is and why his identity matters for our lives.

Jesus the King (9 Day Plan)

New York Times bestselling author and renowned pastor Timothy Keller shares a series of episodes from the life of Jesus as told in the book of Mark. Taking a closer look at these stories, he brings new insights on the relationship between our lives and the life of the son of God, leading up to Easter. JESUS THE KING is now a book and study guide for small groups, available wherever books are sold.

BEFORE THE CROSS: The Life of Jesus (80 Day Plan)

God loves us so much that He sent His only Son to die for us. Jesus lived a perfect life, died on the cross paying the price for all our sins, and rose from the dead defeating death and sin. This 80 day reading plan takes you through the four Gospels, in chronological order, walking through the life of Jesus from His birth to His ascension into Heaven.

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