A New Rhythm

For me, Fall is the real start of a new year. I have nothing against January, but it just doesn't compare. Fall is my favorite season. My birthday is in the Fall. The holidays are right around the corner. With the changing weather and colors comes a sense of newness. I personally have a new schedule, a new rhythm, and renewed focus in my work and my relationships. I’m excited about it!

I am also excited about our church as we enter a new season of ministry. We have historically seen new faces this time of year, and we expect to continue that trend in 2017. Our new location gives us a tangible presence in a community that we believe will resonate with the vision God has given us. 

This Sunday, September 17, is our Fall Launch. This marks the beginning of our new rhythm as a church. Coinciding with this date we are starting a new series called “Peculiar: Permission to Live Different.” We will be examining what it might look like to live as if the Gospel, the Good News of Jesus, were true in relation to our schedules, relationships, work, stuff, and spiritual lives. Initially I was not excited about this. It had a self-help, TED Talk vibe. But the more I wrestled with it, I realized that I don’t have it all figured out yet. As I get older, I relearn things I thought I knew, but in fresh ways, with more depth. I believe that we all want to make changes, whether big or small and I believe that as we gain greater clarity on who Christ is, we will be empowered to live changed lives!

Wherever you are in your faith journey, I want to invite you to participate with us in this new season, and maybe even invite someone you know who could benefit from being part of a community that works hard to live as though Jesus is alive and working. Come be with us as we enter this new season!

Jared Sells
Student Ministry

Jared Sells