Clarity Church in the West Suburb of Minneapolis area that is passionate about leading those who are disconnected from God into clarity about who Christ is




(September 29, 2013)

(September 29, 2013)


...but long before that, God placed a passion in our hearts to lead those disconnected from God into clarity about who Christ is - how much He loves them and the amazing things he wants to accomplish through them.

Several years ago, God began prompting us to start something new - something different from any church we had experienced before. We longed to see a church that was not just for those who had been lifelong followers of Christ, but those who felt disconnected from church and for those who had never been to a church at all. As we journeyed further along the process, God began to direct and open up opportunities that we had never dreamed. It became evident that God was calling us to become a church for anyone searching for clarity about who He is and what He can do in their lives. This is how our dream for Clarity Church was born.

Our hope is that Clarity Church will be different than any church experience you’ve come across. As we journey together, we are confident that you will have the opportunity to find clarity on who Christ is and discover that engaging deeply with Christ and His people changes everything!


  • Casual atmosphere with friendly people
  • Cafe with FREE coffee and treats
  • 60 minute gathering with live and loud music
  • Clear and simple teaching, applicable to everyday life
  • Fun and safe environment for kids


Edinbrook Elementary School
8925 Zane Ave N.
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443




    It isn't just the Good News for our afterlife; the Gospel is the beginning, middle and end of our entire journey as a Christian.  If we have put our faith in Jesus, we have been saved from the penalty for our sins (justification).  We are also being saved from the power of sin in our life today (sanctification). And we will be saved from the presence of sin when Jesus returns and restores all things back to the way God originally created them (glorification). The Gospel is God's power to save us but it also gives us our purpose as a part of his family on mission


    It's a community that starts in authentic ways when we are brought into a right relationship with God through the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross.  We then grow in our relationships with God (worship, prayer, wisdom, knowledge, listening, seeking) and with others.  The Gospel unites diverse groups of people together in Christ.  The call of community isn't about finding people just like us, or excluding those who aren't.  True gospel community is the result of God making us his family as we then live out our lives of love and service to each other and the world empowered by his Spirit.


    This represents God's sending of every Christ-follower to participate in his restorative work in all aspects of life.  Gospel mission reflects God's simple call to remake the world, and people's lives, back to the way he originally created them to be.  Living on God's mission helps us to remember that life is not all about me and my personal happiness.  It's about being and making disciples of Jesus who show the world what God is truly like.  We are God's missionary family sent to serve the world through displaying and declaring this Good News.



    When we say "Our Values" we are describing what makes us distinct.  These are the defining characteristics of this local church - a movement of Christ followers who are unified by a common faith, under a common mission, with a common vision.



    In everything, we sincerely believe that God is able to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. The belief that we can effectively overwhelm our spheres of influence with the clarity of who Christ takes more than just an enormous amount of faith - it takes a Gospel-Centered faith. So we will set Gospel-Inspired goals, take bold steps of faith and watch God move.



    In everything, we will move into the next step God has for us. The reality is that each of us has a next step. The only reason we haven’t taken the next step is that it is often difficult to do the right thing.  We are increasingly learning to submit all of life to Jesus Christ as our Master and our Savior.



    In everything, we are family.  We are a people who choose to be contributors, not consumers - bringing blessing in the everyday rhythms of our lives.  Because of this, we are a people who sacrificially give of our resources and invest our time in ministry to further the work of the Gospel in our spheres of influence.  We are compelled to help people learn how to engage and shape culture, be distinctive in their vocation, serve their families and friendships with excellence, and lead with the heart of a servant. We live our lives together as family on a mission with God to see others follow Christ because of the influence of Christ through us.



    In everything, we are servant-missionaries.  The church does not exist for "church people". Followers of Christ are the church, and the church exists to be servants and missionaries in the world. Because of this we choose to focus on the goal of saturating our spheres of influence with the gospel at the expense of our personal comfort and preferences.  We like to call this "embracing the awkward".  We will do anything short of sin to reach people who are disconnected from Christ. 


    Church Multiplication


    Clarity Church is a part of the MN Grace Network, which is a network of churches committed to planting new churches in MN.  As a part of this network, Clarity Church has committed to "birth before we build" - that we would commit to being part of the birth of a new church before we even consider building any type of permanent facility.  Because Gospel-Centered Faith is one of our values, we are believing God for the opportunity to plant 10 new churches in 10 years through exponential church planting.

    Wait...why do we need more churches?

    Don't understand the need for new churches when it feels like so many already exist? 

    Click here to read an article by Tim Keller entitled, "Why Church Plant".