May 1,2016


Since our first gathering on September 29th, 2013 we've seen God do so amazing things through Clarity Church!  People have chosen to follow Christ for the first time in their life.  Others have been baptized, and many others have been challenged to grow in their faith.   

Over the last couple of years, we also have been learning about ourselves.  We knew that Clarity Church would be "a new light in the city" but no one could have predicted what kind of light we would be.  Now we know...and we are excited to let our light shine!

As we head toward our 3rd birthday, it is our goal to intentionally invite and gather people in our community so that they can become friends.  Ultimately, we want to invite people to belong as family - even before they believe - so that they can increasingly learn to submit all of life to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, eventually living life as missionary-servants with us.

To those who call clarity "home"RELAUNCH is the way we are communicating our strategic and renewed intentional effort of creating environments where strangers can become friends, friends can become family, and family can become missionary servants.

We believe that every person matters to God whether or not God matters to them. 

Clarity was started so that people disconnected from God could be restored to relationship with God by simply helping people know who Christ truly is.  We've said in a simpler way since day one...

"Clarity exists to help those disconnected from God come to clarity on who Christ is" 


There are two parts of this strategy

  • 4:32 PRAYER INITIATIVE - We believe that nothing of significant spiritual value happens without intentional and heartfelt communication with other words, prayer.  It may be corny to some, but in our effort to be intentional about remembering to lift up our church and the mission God has given us to make disciples, we are setting alarms at 4:32pm each day to serve as a reminder that God has not forgotten those that are far from him and he is using us to reach them with His Gospel.  Also, it's a tip to the verse that motivates our efforts for RELAUNCH. 
All the believers were united in heart and mind. And they felt that what they owned was not their own, so they shared everything they had. - Acts 4:32 (NLT)
  • CAPITAL CAMPAIGN - Our goal of raising $25k will be able to give resources to several initiatives - all around the goal of creating environments that help people find clarity on who Christ is.  These expenses include saturation mailers of postcards for our fall launch series as well as the series after (cost is approximately between $18K-$20k).  We will also utilize resources for giving renewed efforts towards making our kids ministry a remarkable and memorable experience for our first time guests, along with their children. This will also provide for much needed improvements and updates to our signage so that people who choose to visit us can easily find us and navigate our facility without anxiety.


Join us in the effort to reach our community with the gospel.  Click the link below and choose from one of our two giving options and make sure to choose "RELAUNCH 2016" as the designation for your donation.  You can also let us know that you are committing to pray for RELAUNCH by giving us your name and email below.  


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