Clarity Church in the West Suburb of Minneapolis area that is passionate about leading those who are disconnected from God into clarity about who Christ is



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Since Clarity began in 2013, God has been telling a great story about what he wants to accomplish in the world as we choose to allow him to do so in the everyday rhythms of our lives.  We have also been inviting people - no matter where they are in their journey of faith - to jump in and take their next steps towards a living and active faith in Jesus.

"Starting Point" is a one time, 30 minute gathering (over a free lunch that is provided for you).  Whether you are just checking Clarity out, or you have been attending our various gatherings for a while but still don’t feel “plugged in”, the goal of Starting Point is to help you continue to take steps into the story that God is telling through this local fellowship of believers that call themselves Clarity Church. Our next Starting Point Class for May 19th has been postponed. Check back here for a new date or complete the form below and we’ll contact you.

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