Fall Retreat 2017- A Quick Recap
Trout Pic 2017.jpg

We just got back from our fall retreat at Trout Lake and let us tell you, it was a blast. We were blessed to have great housing, amazing food, fun activities, and impactful times of connection with each other and God. 

We just wanted to highlight a few of our favorite moments: 

Eva is really good at looking like a tree or rock. We played a night game where we had to get to certain locations without getting caught by spotters with flashlights. I (Lauren) witnessed Eva basically dive to the ground in order to stay unseen. In the same game, Preston and Brian both made it too the "impossible" location...needless to say, I think they might be ninjas. 

Mariska, Jillian, and Preston challenged themselves on the Jedi Training obstacle course. They are all now legally Jedi's and probably need a lightsaber. 

Riley climbed the rock-wall and made it to the top and also kicked some major butt using some sniper skills in laser tag. 

We felt encouraged that young people can do things. We know that through Christ they will do great things in their life times and bring many people to know the Lord. Your children are amazing. 

Thank you, parents, for letting us have a weekend of fun and learning about Christ alongside your children! 

Lauren Sells

Student Mentor

Lauren Sells