Spring Recap

As Summer approaches, I want to update you on our Student Ministry. We are finishing our first Spring together and I am encouraged to tell you about two things:

1. We had a great time on our Spring Retreat in Rochester! Our students were able to spend two days together and create some memories. Whether it was going on stage and throwing tennis balls at the crowd or going to Perkins at midnight, they will remember this weekend for years. We believe that spiritual growth happens in the context of relationships, so I am encouraged that we were able to deepen the sense of community that God is building in our group.

2. We finished our first season of House Groups in May. We played some games and ate some food, but the primary focus of this time was to learn about each other and God. We believe that God's story (also known as the Gospel) has implications for all of life so we walked through it together and wrestled though our own stories and how they fit into the story of God. 

I am excited for the next season of ministry and thankful for the relationships that are being built! Thank you for the role that you play in that process,

Jared Sells

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