Harbor is home.


             In this blog post we would like to introduce you to what the Clarity Students’ community gathering is and why we do it. We would also like to give a recap of our summer retreat. We appreciate you spending the time to read this post as it is longer than most will be.

Harbor Logo 2017.png

The Harbor.


What is it?

A harbor is a place where ships take refuge, rest, restock, and prepare for their mission. This is exactly what we want our gathering to be for the students and adults who call this community family. Our goal is for Clarity’s teenagers, and mentors, to feel equipped to know and to follow Jesus and to then go on to lead others to do the same. Our goal is for our youth community to be a place where students and adults alike are welcome to ask hard questions, to seek refuge in Christ and their community, and to feel prepared to go share and display the gospel with others in their everyday lives. We hope to see your teenagers gather with us as we discover the realities of who Christ is and how that impacts our lives daily.


When does the Harbor meet?

For the last year we have been meeting on Wednesday nights, but as life changes for our community we have decided to move our gatherings to Sunday evenings starting September 17th, 2017.


What Can you expect?

As our community continues to grow and change, the rhythm of our gathering may change but a "typical" night will include the following elements:

A Meal: We believe that God has invited us into his family, that we are brothers and sisters, and so we eat together! We take pride in our meals at the Harbor. No one is obligated to bring anything, but always welcome to partake. If your child would like to bring something to share we will never say no.  We love food.

A Game: We believe that God invented fun and laughter so we make a point about carving out time to enjoy some healthy competition.

Musical Worship: Music is a powerful way to learn about God and express our appreciation for who he is and what he has done.

Scripture: The Scripture is the primary way that God reveals himself to us so we take time to better learn the Gospel, the grand story of how God is making all things new through Jesus.

Prayer: We believe that God listens to us so we make time for prayer. It also benefits our community to know and be known beach other through this discipline.


Summer Retreat 2017- A Recap       

Part of the beautiful walk to and from the campsite. 

Part of the beautiful walk to and from the campsite. 

            We were honored to hang out with three of our newest girls. Eva, Ava (famously known as Avocado), and Mariska. These girls are joyful balls of energy that kept us positive, laughing, and worn out! The girls took on the challenge to become lumberjacks, cooks, and professional fire makers (don’t worry, they aren’t pyromaniacs now) without any second thoughts.

            Some of their favorite moments were swimming at the beach, getting ice cream from Hastings’ local favorite Schoolhouse Scoop, and making campfire donuts/s’mores. While we were at the beach Mariska said “We never want to leave!”, which let us mentors know that a great time was being shared.

            We learned from the book of Ephesians about how we are God’s Masterpiece. God CHOSE us, God RESCUED us, God has WORK for us, and God wants to GROW us. We are thankful for the beautiful weather we had and the awesome students we got to spend the weekend with. Overall, it was an amazing retreat!


            May God be over your families as school is about to start. We are praying for an easy transition for all students, for safety in all their activities, and peace in a new season. Thank you!


-  Lauren Sells, Adult Volunteer

On our small hike to Vermillion Falls, Hastings. 

On our small hike to Vermillion Falls, Hastings. 

The girls' sandcastle kingdom. 

The girls' sandcastle kingdom. 

Lauren Sells