Fall Launch is Here!


       We hope that the first couple weeks of school have been going well for your children. We have a couple of reminders for you in this post.

The Harbor

Harbor Logo 2017.png

Our fall season is starting this upcoming Sunday, September 17 and we are excited to start gathering on Sundays from 5:00-7:30! We are hopeful that this day and time change will allow you and your students to be able to balance school, activities, and spiritual growth. We are thankful to get the time focus on who we are in Christ as a result of what He has done for each of us during these weekly gatherings. 



Orchard Web.png

Fall is here and we are going to an orchard Sunday, October 1st!! For more details, head to students.claritychurch.org

Thank you all for being awesome parents, have a great week!

- Lauren Sells, Student Mentor

Lauren Sells