The Gospel Is Dangerous Recap

In this message we learn that Paul’s message—the gospel—is dangerous. And for those of us who follow Christ, the measure for whether or not the gospel is working in our lives is not what some may think it means.

It’s very easy to begin to think that God’s plan is to get you saved. And then once he’s done with that, to use you to get someone else saved. Get someone else to have what some people call “a personal relationship with God,” in which Jesus’s death on the cross is applied to you by faith, you get your sins forgiven, you feel better about yourself, and God gets another church attender. Because, after all, that’s why God sent Jesus to die for us, so that we would all attend church more. God’s overarching plan, his mission in this world, is to get people to be nice, stop watching True Blood, probably, and go to church as much as possible.

BUT... If that was God’s mission in the world. Would anyone really oppose it? If God’s mission and the affect of the gospel was merely to make nice, non-HBO-watching, church-goers, would anyone want to stop that?


Title: The Gospel is Dangerous
Text: Acts 19:23-31

  • The gospel is dangerous.
  • God’s mission is to renovate and renew the world, through the gospel of the death and rise of Jesus, which transforms the lives of his followers, who renovate the world around them by speaking words and living lives that anticipate and foreshadow God’s new world.
  • The gospel doesn’t stop.
  • Riots start when bold-hearted, joy-filled, God-drenched Christ-followers start speaking and living in ways that change things.

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