Story Recap


If your life was a story, would it be one worth telling?  Would you be proud to tell it? Would anyone want to listen?

What if you were meant for a greater story than the one you’re living now?  What if your story was all part of the most epic stories of all time? 

This past week we simply took a look at what we commonly call “the Gospel” in Christian circles. The word “Gospel” simply means “Good News” - and while the news that God sent Jesus into the world to pay the debt our consistent breaking of God’s standards created - the good news is so much more than that.  It’s a story that starts all the way from the beginning of time - and to be honest - it is still being told.

Listen in as we share the story of God.  You were meant for this.

We look forward to seeing you next week at Clarity Church as we start a new series on Relationships. 

If you missed the Story Sermon you can watch it below: