Pulse Check Recap


Part 1: “Pulse Check” in the Relationship Series at Clarity Church in Plymouth Minnesota

At some point in our lives we all want to know that falling in love with someone forever is possible - that it’s not just something that happens to couples in Disney movies. While many people would suggest that the idea that two people could stay in love together forever is more of a coincidence than something that can actually be happen, Jesus would want to suggest that the opposite is true.  

In a “not-so-about-marriage” passage of scripture, Jesus gives us insight into what is the secret for staying in love forever

John 13:34

 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another."

This is a definition of love you don’t find in your average american teen dream movie.  For one, there are no vampires, and no one randomly breaks out in song - but most importantly, Jesus’ definition of love is something he backs up with action.  

And that is the point.

Love is a verb that requires action.  If you want to stay in love forever you have to make love a verb.  And while many of us may agree with this as we read this, many of us don’t actually believe it.  Why?  Because we have not plan for proactively choosing to love.  Anyone can “fall in love” because falling in love only requires a pulse.  If you want to stay in love it requires a plan.

If you missed this message you can watch it below: